Sanitary Sewer System for the Israel and Bitumul Communities


The Israel and Bitumul communities currently lack sanitary sewer ser-vice and their raw sewage is disposed into the storm sewer system. The proposed sanitary sewer system will eliminate raw sewage dis-charges, improve water quality and reduce the risk of health hazards within the communities. The project design included preparation of con-struction documents for the following items:

(1) Installation of approximately 3.7 miles of sanitary sewer system including manholes, lamp holes, sewer pipes, service connections and other facilities.

(2) Restoration of existing roads.

(3) Modification of the existing storm sewer system which includes the installation of manholes, catch basins, sewer pipes and other facilities (4) Rehabilitation of the existing sanitary sewer system, including sewer pipes and manholes.

(5) Relocation of existing utilities to allow for the installation of the pro-posed sanitary sewer system. In addition ENTECH was responsible for the assessment of the existing sanitary sewer system. The sanitary sewer system construction will benefit approximately 900 families of the Israel Bitumul Communities.

  • Project Type Infrastructure(Water/Wastewater)
  • Services Contracted Design, Permitting and SSES
  • Owner Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority
  • Client CH2MHILL
  • Contract Period May 2014 toJune 2015
  • Construction Cost $15,600,000.00