Gilberto Martínez Álvarez, EIT

Gilberto Martínez Álvarez, EIT

Civil Engineering Department Director

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    #132 Ave. Domonech, San Juan PR 00918


Gilberto A. Martínez Álvarez, M.E.M., E.I.T., serves as the Director of the Civil Engineering Department, bringing over 19 years of extensive experience in civil engineering to his role. His expertise is characterized by a comprehensive understanding of project management, inspection, and a nuanced knowledge of both Federal and local government projects. Throughout his career, Gilberto has consistently demonstrated proficiency not only in the technical aspects of civil engineering, but also in navigating the intricate requirements and logistics processes associated with government projects. In his capacity as the departmental Director, Gilberto plays a pivotal role in leading the team with strategic vision, contributing to the seamless execution of projects under his purview.

His adeptness in project management and insight into the complexities of government projects contributes to the seamless execution of endeavors on his department. This leadership style ensures compliance with the stringent regulations set forth by both Federal and local government agencies, reflecting Gilberto’s commitment to upholding the highest standards in civil engineering.

As a multiskilled Civil Engineer, Martínez brings to the table a diverse skill set complemented by certifications in NASSCO PACP/MACP/LACP, PROCORE, OSHA, and FAA Part 107 as a Certified Pilot for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drone). His professional profile includes experiences as a contractor, civil designer, and construction project manager, spanning roadway design, Bridge Load Rating Program for DTOP/ACT, and construction management for AAA, AFI & PR Public Housing. Martínez has also excelled as a contractor for hospital and housing development projects, showcasing versatility and success in diverse initiatives.

Moreover, he is skilled and experienced in post-hurricane property inspections and damage assessment, adding a crucial layer of expertise to his multifaceted professional background. As an active member of the College of Engineers and Land Surveyors of Puerto Rico (CIAPR), Martínez is deeply committed to continuous professional development, staying abreast of the latest industry trends and best practices. His dedication to enhancing knowledge and skills aligns seamlessly with the high standards upheld by the Civil Engineering Department under the strategic leadership of Gilberto A. Martínez Álvarez.