Ángel González Castro, MEM, PE

Ángel González Castro, MEM, PE


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    #132 Ave. Domonech, San Juan PR 00918


Angel González, M.E.M., P.E., serves as our Vice President, bringing over 11 years of extensive experience in Electrical Engineering. In his professional role, González has showcased expertise in Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, and Public Interest Electrical Designs. His professional portfolio includes achievements such as Photovoltaic System Designs, Electrical Cost Estimates, and the supervision of Electrical Projects in construction. Additionally, González excels in providing Electrical Technical Support and valuable Electrical Consulting services, emphasizing his versatility in navigating the complexities of the field.

Simultaneously, González has made substantial contributions to academia, serving as a dedicated University Professor. Offering courses in electrical engineering, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the future of aspiring engineers. González’s commitment to education is further demonstrated by providing refresher courses for the Electrical Engineering (P.E.) licensing exam at various universities in Puerto Rico.

As our Vice President, González is a cornerstone of our leadership team, leveraging his wealth of experience and dual role as a seasoned professional and academician to drive success across our organization. His commitment to safety-focused project development and leadership qualities ensures excellence in both project execution and educational initiatives.

In essence, González emerges as a seasoned authority in Electrical Engineering, boasting a prolific sixteen-year career that spans education, consultancy, and professional engineering. His proficiency in crafting electrical designs across diverse sectors is evident, with a specific focus on electrical distribution design and photovoltaic systems. González’s dual certifications in Florida and Puerto Rico underscore his credibility and competence in the field. His enduring commitment to education and adept navigation of complex electrical challenges position González as a dynamic and influential leader in the ever-evolving landscape of Electrical Engineering.