Modernization of the Cristóbal del Campo School


ENTECH was commissioned to undertake the modernization of the Cristobal del Campo School, encompassing thirteen single-story buildings totaling approximately 36,000 sq ft. The project involved the following rehabilitation efforts:

(1) Comprehensive revitalization of six existing buildings, including structural enhancements (seismic retrofit), repairs, renovations, and upgrades to the building envelope, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. This also included site improvements and a complete overhaul of classrooms, offices, and related activity rooms.

(2) Demolition of seven existing buildings, along with the removal of existing basketball courts and bleachers.

(3) Construction of a new building featuring classrooms, a library, vertical circulation elements, bathrooms, an art classroom, terrace, and a dance/music room.

(4) Construction of a new recreation and sports complex, incorporating a covered basketball/volleyball court and new children’s playgrounds.

  • Project Type Remodeling
  • Services Contracted Design
  • Client Cristóbal del Campo School
  • Contract Period 2011
  • Location Yabucoa, Puerto Rico