Modernization of the Cristóbal del Campo School


ENTECH was contracted to perform the modernization of (with classrooms, offices, cafeteria and library, in total approximately 36,000 sq ft.) the Cristobal del Campo School composed of thirteen single story buildings with the work ashsists of the following rehabilitation

(1) Comprehensive rehabilitation of six existing buildings, including but not limited to repairs, renovations and upgrades to its structural system (seismic retrofit), building envelope, mechanical, electrical and plumbing works, site improvements, and complete rehabilitation of classrooms, offices and related activity rooms.

(2) Demolition of seven existing buildings, existing basketball courts and bleachers.

(3) Construction of a new building that will house classrooms, a library, vertical circulation, bathrooms, art classroom & terrace, and dance/music room.

(4) Construction of a new recreation and sports complex that includes a covered basketball/volleyball court and new children’s playgrounds.

  • Project Type Remodeling
  • Services Contracted Design
  • Client Cristóbal del Campo School
  • Contract Period 2011
  • Location Yabucoa, Puerto Rico