Design and Construction of Houses at El Volcán Community


The proposed work included, among others, the preparation of construction plans for the development of the site, the preparation and approval of all necessary field and technical studies, earthwork, drainage system installation, construction of streets, sidewalks, concrete curbs and gutters, utilities, construction of houses, assessment and removal of lead-based paint and asbestos containing materials and other miscellaneous work.The project included six units of Work:

(1) Design and Permitting.

(2) Site Preparation.

(3) Assessment and Removal of Lead Based Paint and Asbestos. Containing Materials.

(4) Removal of Structures and Obstructions.

(5) Conventional House Construction.

(6) Pre-Fabricated House Construction.

  • Project Type Construction Management
  • Contract Period 2012
  • Location Bayamon, Puerto Rico